We are a group of young people who love art, culture, history, and architecture. The personality of Dežo Hoffmann and the project of restoration of his birthplace combine all these interests. It was the idea of restoring Hoffmann's birthplace that made us more interested in this important, world famous photographer. Dežo Hoffmann's collaboration with the Beatles is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to photographing many other well-known stars, he personally experienced the occupation of Ethiopia, the Spanish Civil War, World War II. Over the course of his life, he met world-class personalities who respected him, and we in turn respect him for all that he did and achieved

What we are working on: we are restoring the national cultural monument, the birthplace of Dežo Hoffmann, in the center of Banská Štiavnica. We have created the world's first Dežo Hoffmann Museum. We provide accommodation in a stylish apartment that is actually locate in the "Dežo House", which we are constantly improving for you. We work to promote Hoffmann's work through social networks and online space; we are working to create a theater production about the life of Dežo Hoffmann in collaboration with professional actors. We strive to establish cooperation with individuals and organizations that have a relevant connection with Hoffmann. The activities of our association as well as the renovation of the house are financed from our own resources, contributions from willing donors, subsidies (from the Ministry of Culture, the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region, etc.) without which our activities would not be possible. We have gradually put the necessary resources and ideas together, all while submitting applications for grant; we are working hard to ensure that the goals of our Civic Associations are achieved.
Aktivity nášho združenia a tiež obnova domu je financovaná z našich vlastných zdrojov, príspevkov ochotných darcov, z dotácií (z Ministerstva Kultúry, BBSK, nadácie …), bez ktorých by naše aktivity neboli možné. Potrebné zdroje a nápady dávame postupne dokopy, pričom taktiež postupne podávame žiadosti na dotačné výzvy a tvrdo pracujeme na tom, aby ciele nášho OZ boli dosiahnuté.

Dezider Hoffmann from Banská Štiavnica left us the message that, even coming from our small country, it is possible to get into the big world with faith in what we have been given. Civic Association The birthplace of Dežo Hoffmann has the ambition to fulfill this message and spread it further. Knock on Dežo's door in beautiful Štiavnica; we will be happy to open it for you. We will provide a bed for travelers; drink a cup of Dežo's coffee or taste a glass of Dežo's wine, we will remember him well.

Civic association Rodný dom Deža Hoffmana (Birthplace of Dežo Hoffman)

Pod Červenou studňou 10, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica, 0902 477 085,